General rules

  • All models must be at least 18 years of age.

  • The model’s identity should pass the age and face verification of an external service

  • You CAN NOT invite members to your personal Skype. It is not Safe for you and it is stilling from DSC.

  • You CAN NOT let anyone else but you only, to work on DSC Messenger application.

Broadcasting and content rules

  • Models can only broadcast from one account at a time.

  • When online, it's highly advisable that the model has the microphone turned on and communicates with its visitors. It’s important to make sure that the microphone is enabled and unmuted.

  • When you go Live you select by yourself what type of call you wish to do and what is the rate for each type of call/show . The calls types are:

    • Voice Call, Video Call, XXX Call

  • If you live on video, you are only allowed to walk out of the room for up to 2 minutes; informing the users about your absence in a public chat is mandatory. If your absence will last longer than 2 minutes, go offline beforehand.

  • All broadcasts need to represent the registered performer only.

  • Cover and the Profile /Avatar photo should represent the actual performer or a performer's body part only.

  • Profile/Avatar photo should not contain nudity. All intimate parts of the model's body should be covered.

  • As a model, you must ensure that broadcasting from a specific place doesn’t breach any rules or regulations. DSC assumes no responsibility for the place you’re broadcasting from.

Actions strictly prohibited in the show

  • Involvement of minors or unauthorized (not registered) individuals.

  • Model presenting as minor.

  • Incest (sexual relations between family members).

  • Involvement and/or portrayal of any sort of animal or pet in a sexual or provocative manner.

  • Alluding to, mentioning, showing, or making use of illegal drugs.

  • Any form of insinuation, chat, or actual display of violence, blood, torture, pain, asphyxiation, etc., or any unsafe and extreme activity involving such things.

  • Alluding to, writing about, or showing feces, vomit, or menstrual fluid.

  • Showing sleeping or passed out individuals (exception for show on custom request)

  • Using fake interactive toys trying to pass them off as real ones, as well as advertising the use of an interactive toy anywhere on your profile when it is in fact disconnected or not working.

  • Broadcasting or uploading any content referencing or depicting consumption of feces, vomit or menstrual fluid.

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Use fake IDs for the account registration on the site.

  • Use a username of a hateful, racist, defamatory, ethnically offensive nature or any username related to children, incest, terrorist organization, and/or any other cam sites.

  • Discuss or arrange prostitution or escort services.

  • Deliberate/plan scams against users in any way.

  • Not honoring your agreements with the users when you receive the agreed number of credits or tips. Multiple complaints from users will result in the termination of our collaboration.

  • Asking users for money to cover your personal expenses, treatments of medical conditions, or any other non-cam-related activity.

  • Request users to share their personal information.

  • Make any arrangements for personal meetings or shows outside the site.

  • Accept to receive funds off-site by any method (including PayPal, Western Union, or any other 3rd party payment method). DSC takes no responsibility in case of a violation of our payment rules.

  • Cooperate with fraudulent users or agree to split earnings outside of DSC. Models are expected to report any suspicious activity that goes on in their room or private messages immediately to our support team. Violation or failure to report such incidents can lead to being permanently banned and any tokens earned being withheld.

  • Advertise other adult streaming websites (and adult streaming-related sites), websites that offer alternative means of payment, or fundraising websites with links, text material, logos, pictures, videos, etc.

  • Wear T-shirts or any other branded clothes promoting porn video hosting sites with paid subscriptions, porn agencies, or other cam sites besides DSC.

  • Distribute spam.

  • Use fake traffic/bots in an attempt to improve your rank position.

  • Advertise or promote your show in other models' rooms.

Fines and penalties

  • Multiple complaints from users may result in the termination of our collaboration with the model.

  • Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules can lead to disconnection from the broadcast, temporary suspension or permanent ban, and any tokens earned being withheld.

  • We have the right to reject documents of models who rarely appear online or do not broadcast at all.

DSC takes no responsibility in case of violations or scam activities that may result.

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